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postheadericon Joint Genomic Center

The prime goal of the Joint Genomic Center is to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian bio-economy by establishment of a key strategic centre which will provide the Bulgarian university and academic researchers and SMEs with an access to modern equipment, “know-how”, utilization of the multidisciplinary approach, up-to-date experimental methods and a highly qualified staff for the development of high value added products by following the complementary and synergic principles of the EU and thus avoiding duplication and fragmentation on a national and international level.

JGC is a new innovation entity which aims to show how the scientific knowledge and experiences can meet the requirements of the industry. JGC will serve as a model for public / private partnership which could be a good groundbase for the future bioeconomical development of the country.

Key areas of interest of JGC: agriculture, forestry, stock-breeding, fisheries, ecology; food industry; pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics.

JGC offers services in the field of: GENOMICS (DNA sequencing, DNA fragment analysis, genetic analysis through real time sequencing of PCR products – pyrosequencing, GMO analysis), METABOLOMICS (high-throughput qualitative and quantitative metabolite analysis and develops technologies for the comprehensive analysis of metabolites with GC/QQQ Agilent technologies 7000A); Consultancy; Education; High quality greenhouses, growing cameras and others.